Adv. Oran Shetrit Tobe - Firon Law Firm, one of the leading law firm in Israel

Oran Shetrit Tobe is an associate in the firm’s Commercial Law Department.

Prior to joining the firm, Oran worked as an attorney in a leading firm’s Hi-tech and Technology department.

During her studies, Oran worked as a students’ tour guide in courts and volunteered in “Access for All Program”.

Oran joined the firm in 2021.

The Commercial Department is the beating heart of any business organization. It provides legal advice in the ordinary course of business and assists in the day-to-day management of the firm, lending a hand to both companies and individuals in management positions, including founders. The Dept. also provides wealth management services to individuals.
The Commercial Dept. has developed an expertise in this kind of legal work, with various sectors and industries, including M&As, startup companies, fintech, investment funds (including PE, VC and hedge funds), cross-border transactions, e-commerce, Internet law, clearing systems, biotech, digital wallets and cryptocurrency, blockchain and smart contracts, technology, pharma, biotech, biomed and medical, consumer protection, privacy and cyber security, accessibility, real estate, industries – including defense, food, commerce, distribution, franchises and retail, hotels and tourism, premium services for individuals, immigration, personal wealth management, entertainment and artist representation, investments, financial manufacturers, financial intermediaries, financial service providers, telecommunication, aviation, and more.



Our M&A department was awarded, again, top tier ranking by BdiCode for 2023

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    LL.B., University of Haifa, 2018

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    B.A. in Economics, University of Haifa, 2018

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    LL.M. in Law with a specialty in law and technology, University of Haifa, 2018

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    Israel Bar Association, 2020

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