Privacy Policy

The M. Firon & Co. law firm (hereinafter: the “Firm”) respects the rights to privacy of users of this website (“User” or “Users,” as applicable).
This privacy policy regulates how the Firm uses the personal information that it collects from Users of the website at

The information provided below is meant to help the User understand the Firm’s privacy protection policy for the website. The privacy policy, as set forth below, shall clarify what personal information the Firm collects about Users of the website, the purposes for which the Firm collects such personal information, what use the Firm may make of the information, and how the Firm handles and retains personal information.

The personal information that the User provides to the Firm depends on his/her consent and the User’s wishes and is not based on a legal requirement. The information will be retained in the Firm’s database for the purposes set forth in this privacy policy. By Use using of the website and/or the services offered by the Firm through the website, indicates the User’s consent to this privacy policy and the retention and management of personal information in the above database. Use of the information in the database will be made pursuant to the provisions of this privacy policy or the provisions of all law, for the purposes set forth below.

This privacy policy is written in the masculine solely for the sake of convenience, and everything written herein shall be deemed as referring to the feminine as well.

1. What is personal information?
In this policy, the term, “personal information,”, means any information collected by the Firm or provided to it by you or anyone on your behalf, of your agents during the course of your use of the website or the services included therein, through it you can be that could reasonably identified the User by means of which you and/or information protected by the Privacy Protection Law could be reasonably identified.
2. What personal information does the Firm collect?
The Firm collects personal information about Users as set forth below:
2.1. When a User asks to subscribe to the Firm’s distribution list (newsletter), he is asked to provide personal information, including full name, contact details (telephone and email), position, place of employment, fields of interest regarding which the User wishes to receive updates, and any other information that the User provides to the Firm through the website;
2.2. When a User seeks to put forth his candidacy for a position with the Firm, he is asked to provide personal information, including name, contact details, a resume, employment history, etc.;
2.3. When a User seeks to register with the Firm’s alumni associationorganization, he is asked to provide details, such as full name, contact details, place of employment, the years in which he worked at the Firm, a link to his LinkedIn profile, etc.
3. For what purposes does the Firm collect personal information?
3.1. To make contact and respond to a User’s inquiries and questions;
3.2. To develop the website and improve the services offered through it;
3.3. To maintain the website and monitor the User’s activities on it;
3.4. For analysis and statistical research;
3.5. To conduct surveys;
3.6. To present advertisements that may be appropriate to the User’s field of interest;
3.7. To send newsletters, marketing messages, invitations to conferences and events, and updates, including professional, marketing, etc. or other updates;
3.8. To consider candidacy for staffing positions at the Firm;
3.9. To abide by the provisions of all laws.

4. Transfer of Information
The Firm will not transfer personal information to third parties except as set forth in this privacy policy and for the purposes for which the Firm makes use of the information:
4.1. Third parties that provide the Firm with various services, including in connection with the website and its operation, inter alia,and including security systems and information technology (IT) systems support, information storage services, etc.;
4.2. To companies that assist the Firm in organizing conferences, seminars, and events;
4.3. If the Firm receives a directive or judicial order instructing it to turn over the User’s details or information about the User pursuant to a judicial order and according to the provisions of all law;
4.4. In any dispute, allegation, demand, lawsuit, or any legal proceedings between the User or any of his agents and the Firm and any of its agents;
4.5. In any event case where that the Firm believes that turning overhanding the information is required in order to prevent harm damages to the Firm, the User, or any third party.
5. Use of Cookies
5.1. The website uses cookies and other similar technologies, such as pixels and additional technologies (hereinafter, jointly: “Cookies”)., Iin order to operate and improve the website, measure the website’s audience, improve the User’s experience, and provide content that is likely to suit Users’ fields of interest based on their surfing activities and Users’ actions on the website. For example, Cookies contain information such as the pages that the Users have viewed on the website, the amount of time that Users visited the website, from where Users came to the website, segments and information that Users viewed on the website, etc.
5.2. The below table sets forth the Cookies that the website uses and the purposes of such use:
Cookie Purpose of Its Use
Facebook These Cookies are used to present Facebook content that is likely to be relevant for you based on Users’ usage patterns on the website.
Additional information about these Cookies and the privacy policy of this service provider may be found in Facebook’s privacy policy.


Google Analytics These Cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use the website.
We The Firm use this information in order to help us improve our services. The information that we the Firm collect is anonymous and is used to monitor website usage and measure Users’ involvement with the website.
Additional information about these Cookies and the privacy policy of this service provider may be found in Google’s privacy policy.


These Cookies are used to present Instagram content that is likely to be relevant for you based on Users’ usage patterns on the website.
Additional information about these Cookies and the privacy policy of this service provider may be found in Instagram’s privacy policy.


These Cookies are used to present LinkedIn content that is likely to be relevant for you based on Users’ usage patterns on the website.
Additional information about these Cookies and the privacy policy of this service provider may be found in LinkedIn’s privacy policy.

5.3. The User has no obligation to accept these Cookies, and in the eventcase that the User is not interested in them, he may avoid them by changing the settings on the User’s browser. For this purpose, please refer to the browser’s help file.
6. How does the Firm secure this information?
The website uses reasonable measures to protect information on the website. Although these measures reduce the risks of unauthorized incursions, they do not provide absolute protection. Therefore, the Firm does not warrant that the website will be completely impervious to unauthorized access to the information that is stored on it.
7. No Liability
The Firm shall not bear any liability and is it free of any responsibility in connection with any harm, loss, or expense, of any type whatsoever, whether direct or indirect and/or circumstantial and/or consequential, caused and/or that shall be caused to Users and/or to a third party, in anything connected or relating to the receipt of the information, the use or retention thereof, the transfer thereof to third parties, or and the use of the website.
8. The Right to Review and Correct the Information
The right to review and correct personal information is pursuant to the Israel Privacy Protection Law, 5741-1981. If the User wishes to review or correct his personal information, he may do so by contacting the Firm using the through the contact details appearing in the “Contact Us” section of this privacy policy below.
9. Choice of Law and Jurisdiction
9.1. The terms and provisions set forth in this privacy protection policy, as well as any modification or amendment thereto and , as well as useing of the website, shall be regulated pursuant to the laws of the State of Israel regardless of the choice of law clauses applicable therein.
9.2. Jurisdiction in connection with any dispute and/or lawsuit arising in connection with use of the website and this privacy policy or relating thereto is given exclusively to the courts of Tel Aviv-Yafo.
10. Updates to the Privacy Policy
The Firm routinely reviews this privacy policy and reserves the right to make changes to the privacy policy from time to time. Any such change shall take effect immediately after publication of the updated privacy policy on the website. Responsibility for familiarity with changes and updates to the privacy policy, if and to the extent made, rests solely on the User.
11. Contact Us
Any question regarding this privacy policy may be directed to the Firm using the following email address: [email protected].

Last updated on: 10/02/2022