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Dr. Sarah Presenti


Dr. Sarah Presenti is a consultant on intellectual property


Main Practice

Dr. Sarah Presenti is a consultant on intellectual property.

Sarah is one of Israel’s most prominent and senior intellectual property attorneys, with nearly four decades of experience in the field. Her longstanding resume includes, inter alia, representation of leading Israeli and foreign enterprises, numerous appearances before prestigious professional forums and committees, Israeli and international alike, as well as writing books and lecturing on intellectual property. Owed to her rich and multifaceted experience, Sarah is able to play an active role in her clients’ business activities, safeguarding their intellectual property rights to their fullest extent.

Sarah’s special expertise is patents. Her services encompass a patent’s entire life-cycle, from its prosecution and registration to the monitoring and control of its use in Israel and overseas. Sarah’s extensive experience allows her to provide her clients with holistic strategic advice, which combines an understanding of their commercial needs, a thorough knowledge of the legal framework both in Israel and abroad, as well as an evaluation of the position of patent commissioners. Her list of clients includes companies, business people and inventors from all fields and industries, especially hi tech, medicine and equipment.

Sarah’s intellectual property activities are not limited to Israel, but span across the entire globe. Aside from representing Israeli companies owning patents overseas, Sarah represents manifold foreign clients from all over the world, from North America, all the way to East Asia. Moreover, Sarah has an extensive network of contacts with numerous foreign law firms and attorneys, who facilitate the protection of intellectual property rights of her clients anywhere in the world.

As a leading attorney in her field, over the years Sarah has taken part in the most eminent forums and committees in Israel and the world, which have contended with multifarious intellectual property matters. Among other things, Sarah had participated in drafting an international treaty on copyright. Further, she was a member of different governmental committees in Israel, and she had partaken in drafting the Copyright Act of 2007 (which entered into force in 2008).

Sarah is the author of the “Law of Copyright” (1990), a leading reference/text book that established numerous copyright guidelines and that was republished in 2000 and 2008 with new editions. Furthermore, throughout her career Sarah had served as a lecturer in many respectable academic forums and today is a lecturer at Kinneret College, an affiliate of Bar Ilan University.



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    LL.B., Tel Aviv University, 1976

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    Ph.D., Paris Sorbonne University, 1996

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    Israel Bar Association, 1982

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