Conference “Regulation and Crisis Management in Changing Reality” - Firon Law Firm

Conference “Regulation and Crisis Management in Changing Reality”

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Firon law firm, together with the Israeli Association of In-House Legal Counsels (“ACC”) and the Federation of the Israeli Chambers of Commerce, will be hosting an exclusive event led by Adv. Raz Nizri, Senior Partner and Head of our Public Law, Regulation and Crisis Management Dept., one of Israel’s leading jurists and until recently Senior Deputy to the State Attorney General.

The conference will cover the tight interface between private firms and large organizations with government agencies on the one hand, and regulatory impacts on the business sector on the other, e.g., the various reforms in the Arrangements.


  1. Who is the regulation intended to serve?;
  2. The Arrangements Law – The development of procedural and substantive aspects;
  3. General Counsels in the public and the government sectors – similarities and differences;
  4. Regulation and business – can they coexist? challenges and complexities;
  5. A discourse in two parts: Business and economy in a changing regulatory environment
  6. Different perspectives on crisis management – government, and commercial firm.


Firon Law Firm is one of the largest and most respected law firms in Israel. For over 70 years, the firm has been at the top of Israel’s legal profession and was one of the first Israeli firms to operate beyond the country’s borders and become a truly international firm. The pride of the firm is its lawyers. The firm’s success is the direct result of the quality and uncompromising professionalism of the legal team, which includes some of the best lawyers in Israel.


  • Knesset Member Orna Barbivai

    The former Minister of Economy

  • Adv. Raz Nizri

    Senior Partner & Head of Public Law, Regulation and Crisis Management Dept, Firon Law Firm

  • Moshe Bar Siman Tov

    Director General of The Ministry of Health

  • Shai Babad

  • Yinon Ben Anat

    CEO, Diplomat Israel

  • Liran Avisar Ben-Horin

    The Former Director General of the Ministry of Communications

  • Asi Messing

    The Legal Advisor, Ministry of Finance

  • Dr. Yuval Roitman

    Senior Director, Regulation Unit, Office of Legal Counsel and Legislation (Economic Law), Ministry of Justice

  • Adv. Shlomi Loya

    VP of Law and Government, Israeli Chambers of Commerce

  • Yael Almog

    General Counsel, Management Committee Member, Bank Hapoalim

  • Perach Lerner

    VP Regulation & Community Relations, Enlight Renewal Energy

  • Adv. Nadeem Abboud

    Partner, Public Law, Regulation and Crisis Management Dept., Firon Law Firm

  • Edva Liveanu-Justo

    President and Chairwoman at Acc Israel; General Counsel, HP Israel

  • Amalya Duek

    Senior Economic Correspondent, Channel 12 News, Event Host

  • Dr. Alex Coman